“Mary Ambler Archives” (Lindenwood University)

“Lindenwood University, Mary Ambler Archives” (Missouri Digital Heritage)


The digitized Mary Ambler Archives collection of Lindenwood University currently contains two items:

  • “House of Bethany Journal”
  • Missouri Law and Form Book, and Legal Manual

The House of Bethany “was a Christian sisterhood organization formed to visit the families of soldiers and all others who needed special attention.” The journal begins in 1866 and provides details of the organization and its activities in support of victims of cholera and destitute families. Most of the recipients of the sisters’ attention are not identified by name, but a few are. For example, “Frank Lovelace, a little boy 10 years old was picked up in the street sick – was brought here the 12th of Novbr” (page 8). Several subsequent entries detail the search for a home for Frank. The journal concludes at the end of 1868.

In general, this journal can provide great contextual information about some of the health issues confronting Missouri immediately following the Civil War. You can conduct a full-text search of the journal, though a few of the handwritten words may be missed.

The second item in the collection, the 1857 Missouri Law and Form Book, and Legal Manual; Containing a General Abstract of the Laws of the State Relating to Contracts, Sales, Administration of Estates, Boats and Vessels, Sales of Lands, Deeds and Acknowledgments, Justices of the Peace, Liens, &c., With All the Forms Requisite for Business, Adapted to the Revised Statutes of 1856, is a topical guide to late-antebellum Missouri law. Some of the subjects most useful to genealogists include administration, aliens and naturalization, guardians, securities, slaves, and wills and testaments. The main topics are presented in alphabetical order for very easy reference. The text can also be searched using the site’s search function.

Explore the “Lindenwood University Mary Ambler Archives” at http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/mdh_splash/default.asp?coll=lindenwd

This resource is one of over 9000 listed in version 3.0 of Online State Resources for Genealogy. To purchase the ebook, visit http://haitfamilyresearch.com/onlineStates.htm.


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