1829 Alumni Catalog (Illinois College)

1829 Alumni Catalog, Illinois College (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois)

The title of this digitized book is misleading. Illinois College was founded in 1829, but this volume was published in 1912, providing the names of former faculty, alumni (by graduating class), and former students (listed alphabetically). Where known, the then-current address of each person is also provided, as well as details like degrees earned, organization membership, and current occupation.

This volume may provide access to further information about Illinois College attendees and graduates. For further research, it may be possible to locate yearbooks or mentions in student newspapers for some of the later graduates.

Explore the “1829 Alumni Catalog (Illinois College)” collection at http://collections.carli.illinois.edu/cdm4/index_ilc_alumni.php?CISOROOT=/ilc_alumni

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